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Free ATV safety lessons

July 17, 2004

Albany -- Georgia ATV dealers and the Albany Police want you know how to keep your kids safe while they're riding their ATVs.

At least 16 children have been killed on all Terrain Vehicles in South Georgia in the past 18 months. Today volunteers and safety groups were across South Georgia stationed outside ATV dealerships promoting safe riding.

" Head gear is probably the biggest things you want to have. Eye wear and head gear," says Aaron Simpson of APD.

Experts say if you are going to let your kids ride an ATV make sure the size is age appropriate. Also remember it's illegal to ride ATV on roads or on pavement and never wear flip flop shoes when riding.

Dealers say everyone who purchases an ATV is eligible for a free riding safety lesson. For more information on the free lessons call 1-800-447-4700.

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