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High winds leave heavy damage

July 15, 2004

Albany- Storms roared through all of south Georgia. There was damage and power outages from Seminole County in the southwest to Coffee County in the east.

Trees and limbs littered yards throughout Dougherty County. In west Albany neighbors helped each other clean up. In Crofton Subdivision, Myrt Harris waited for the storm to pass. Then she took a look out her window.

"I had no idea that it had done the damage that it had," Harris said.

What used to be her pear tree, was sprawled out over her driveway. It just couldn't handle the heavy winds. Thanks to her neighbors, the Eason family, Harris won't have to handle getting the mess out of her yard.

"All of them just came with their chain saws and we're all cleaning up right now." Across the street, it was a similar scene.

Another pear tree and more sets of helping hands. "It's a very nice neighborhood to live in," she said. "So I'm very thankful."

Thankful she lives in a place where the people prove what neighbors are for.

The high winds didn't take it any easier on South Albany. A storm uprooted this tree in a yard on Shadowlawn off Gordon Avenue. The tree knocked down power lines and left people in the area without power for a while.

Valerie Humphrey came home to find her driveway blocked with part of a tree in her front yard.

"I was going to cross the railroad track and I saw the power lines just jumping around and shooting sparks, so I went all the way back around, so finally when I got home this is what I found, but it was in the driveway," she said, pointing to a large branch now in her yard.

At the corner of Gordon and Drexel, strong winds blew down another tree. It didn't take out any power lines but blocked part of the road.

Many people in Southwest Georgia were without power Thursday night. Just in the Radium Springs area more than 600 customers lost power. Georgia Power and Water, Gas & Light crews worked near Holly Drive to get power lines off the ground and repaired.

Trees blown down by heavy winds turned poles and lines into a mangled mess.

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