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Political newcomer hopes to unseat long time sheriff

July 15, 2004

Albany-- Police Albany Police Lt. James Williams takes a closer look at a graffiti-covered wall.

"When you start seeing graffiti, you start seeing more violent problems, such as gang violent problems in neighborhoods," he said. "That's why we remove it as soon as it goes up."

But gangs continue to mark their turf.

Williams is the supervisor of the Gang Task Force. "I've been working gangs since 1986. I reduced gangs from 24 different groups in Albany to nine and I'm trying to get them down to zero. And we are still working on trying to get them down, but now we are seeing an increase in gang activity, so there's a lot to be done."

A lot to be done and Williams hopes his 21 years of Albany police work will give voters a reason to make him Sheriff. He says by erasing the paint, you add more businesses.

Graffiti is deeper than spray paint. "And that scares people who want to move into the city. I promise as your next Sheriff that we will continue to prevent our youth from gang activities."

"We do projects throughout Dougherty County to help taxpayers by removing graffiti from property."

The Task Force does it free, but Williams would like to get county jail inmates to lend a hand. "That's one of the things I plan as next Sheriff to have inmates to keep inmates to go around by keeping Albany beautiful."

By getting rid of the illegal artistic expression that paints Williams' hometown.

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