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Restauranteur arrested on Meth, pot charges

July 15, 2004

Albany-- The owner of a popular Albany restaurant is charged with making methamphetamine. 

Johnny Gargano was arrested outside Villa Gargano, early Thursday. Drug agents had the restaurant staked out after getting tips that Gargano was cooking methamphetamine.

When Gargano and Donald Hammock walked out around 4:00 AM, they were caught with the drug on them.

"The methamphetamine was wet which indicates a recent cook," said Capt. Andy Exum of the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit. "We searched the residence there was no indication there was a cook in the restaurant at any time or no indication of drugs inside the restaurant."

Both men are charged with possession of methanphetamine with intent to distribute. Gargano was also found with a small quanity of marijuana.

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