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WALB plans to stay on Thomasville cable system

July 15, 2004

Thomasville -WALB News 10 has covered Thomasville news for decades. And now, WALB even has a Thomasville news bureau, but WTWC, an NBC affiliate in Tallahassee, wants WALB taken off the Thomasville cable system.

"WALB pre-existed that station and has been ruled as significantly viewed, so it's really a pointless and groundless claim," says WALB NEWS 10's General Manager, Jim Wilcox. He says, legally, WALB has every right to be viewed in Thomasville.

"WALB has been ruled as significantly viewed by the FCC," says Wilcox. "That means that the claim made to be protected from WALB is groundless and pointless."

Jeanette Dunlap used to get her news from the Tallahassee stations. She says, "I don't watch them anymore, I watch WALB."

She says without WALB, there would be no local news coverage. "I like the station overall and I particularly like the fact that we get local coverage from you and we don't from the other TV stations," says Dunlap.

Since opening the Thomasville Bureau of WALB NEWS 10, we've brought you more than 300 stories from Thomas, Grady, Decatur and Seminole Counties. WTWC doesn't have a news department.

Wilcox says, they won't kick us out of Thomasville. He says, "I think the most important thing that we wanted to communicate to the viewers in Thomasville is that there is no danger of WALB being taken off of the cable or changed in any way."

That's welcomed news to Jeanette Dunlap. "I like to know what's going on in Thomasville. It's my home." And it will continue to be home to WALB NEWS 10 Thomasville.

The city of Thomasville runs CNS cable. City Manager Tom Berry did not return our calls.

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