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Flood flashback

July 14, 2004

Albany -- Folks showed up before daybreak for a chance to walk across the Broad Avenue bridge on July 14, 1994. The D.O.T opened the bridge but just to foot traffic and emergency vehicles. That was enough to be a big relief to many south Georgians. Engineers continued to check bridges for underwater damage using special sonar equipment before deciding to open them to traffic.

Albany's First Baptist Church became a huge mess hall. Volunteers were cooking 6000 meals a day that they distributed to emergency shelters and fed to National Guard troops, law enforcers, and other volunteers.

A similar scene at Traveler's Rest Baptist Church in Newton where volunteers from several area churches came together to fix meals. Some of them were flood victims themselves. One told us, "I need to be helping other people that might be more unfortunate than I am."

And on July 14th we met Charlotte Bullock and her new baby. She went into labor while staying at the Beattie Road Church of Christ shelter. Life goes on, even in the face of disaster.

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