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Circus brings flaming acts, flying women

July 14, 2004

Albany- This ring may start out with a lot of clowning around, but after a quick look at the circus family, it's on with the show people were anxious to see.

"I wanted to see all the stuff that they have," said 10-year-old T.J. Gridley I wanted to have a lot of, lot of fun."

That's pretty easy to do when you're eyes are focused on women riding through the air upside down or hanging from a piece of chiffon.

"It's great. It's stunning too," said 13-year-old Mickyel Bradford. "It's surprising too. I love surprises."

You can't get much more surprising than Stretchy Sapo. His double jointed shoulders turn him into a human pretzel.

But with all there is to see, some kids know the real reason they're here.

"It's a great time to spend with your family and to do other things," said 11-year-old Quentin Potts.

Things you and you're family probably won't see anywhere but with this circus family.

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