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Murder suspect arrested twice-- days before the murder

July 14, 2004

The Tift County Sheriff's office says they did nothing wrong when they refused to admit an offender who would later become the prime suspect in a murder case.

Waylon Holsenbeck is in jail now charged with murdering 76-year old Mary Hancock. Two weeks before the June murder, Holsenbeck was brought to the Tift County Jail twice on minor offenses. The first time, jailers wouldn't book him because he had head injures, a policy they say is standard. On the second arrest, Tifton Police say jailers again resisted before admitting Holsenbeck.

"I asked them why they would not take him and they said he had some injures. I asked did he get injured during his arrest they said no. They said he had pior injuries in the past. I told them I had him on two felony warrants and I could not just let him walk outside," says Lt. Porter Jackson of the Tifton police department.

A Sheriff's Department spokesperson says it is the responsibility of the arresting officer to have the inmate's injuries treated before they are brought to the jail.

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