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Don't become a target for thieves!

July 14, 2004

Thomasville - If a thief really wants to break into your car, he'll break into your car. "Don't matter what vehicle it is, I can get into it just as quick," says Jeffery Bass, a Repo man. But there's no reason to invite someone to break in.

"Don't leave it in plain view for somebody to walk by, take a look, smash out your window and grab your item," says Troy Rich, a Captain with the Thomasville Police Department.

In addition to not leaving your valuables in plain view, you should lock your doors and close all windows, because you don't want to make it any easier on the thief, than it already is.

"You could buy these [tools for breaking into a car] just about anywhere. It's probably 30 bucks for the whole set there."

But even Jeffery says there are deterrents. "At least lock your car," he says. "Even though they can break into it. They don't know if it's got an alarm or not and that kind of makes em think twice."

So, maybe you should think twice before making your car a target, because, "An entering auto can happen within seconds," says Rich.

But it could cause you months worth of trouble. If your car is broken into, regardless of whether anything is missing, you should contact police. They may be able to collect evidence that will lead to an arrest.

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