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Kuwait mom talks to Georgia family

< STRONG> July 14, 2004

Ft. Benning-- We have been closely following Thomasville's 1148th Transportation Groups whereabouts for a year and a half. Thanks to the military, we were able to set up a satellite interview from Albany to Kuwait, with Spc. Theresa Araujo, a National Guard Soldier we introduced you to more than a year ago.

Araujo left with the 1148th Transportation Company. Since then, her four kids, Timothy, Danielle, Ameigh and David have been living in Worth County without their Mom.

A few days before the unit was scheduled to come home, we were the first to tell her husband, Daniel, that they were extended.

Recently we brought her family in our studio to talk via satellite with their special soldier, sunburned and tired in Kuwait.

"You look awfully dark," Danielle said to her mother. "So, how do you feel about coming home?"

Araujo: "I want to come home. I'm tired and I'm hot."

A mother in camoflauge. "I want to come back. I belong in the USA. It's going to be tough to adjust back to the mom life."

Her husband Daniel is also in the military. He breaks some news to his wife... "Well, it looks like my unit will be called up not too many months from now.

"Okay,"Araujo says apprehensively. 

Daniel: "It's not for certain, but all the indicators are there."

Araujo: "Okay, well I wish you luck. I can't do anything else, but say that."

Luck that Araujo has had during the more than 400 days away. She's had a lot of support and love back in south Georgia.

Daniel: "The only thing I have to say Theresa is one of our local churches had a special dedication just for you during Memorial Day weekend. So, people are thinking about you, friends, family, loved ones, even people at work are constantly asking me about you. So, don't think that people don't think about you outside of your immediate family because they do."

Araujo: "Okay, just tell them I said thanks."

Daniel: Okay, we will. Araujo: I love you.

Family: "I love you."

Araujo: :You be good. I've got to cut it short because it's somebody else's turn. Thanks Miss Simmons."

And finally the 1148th Transportation Company will get their turn to come home soon.

The 1148th Transportation Company mission is complete today. They should be back on American soil within the next few weeks.

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