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Terrell Coroner's race stays friendly

July 14, 2004

Dawson-- Often, political races get nasty. Well in Terrell County, there is only one local election that will be decided in the Democratic Primary Tuesday--and the coroner's race is downright friendly.

Downtown Dawson is squeaky clean--there is not a single political sign in sight. But, that doesn't mean there isn't a race going on, "I have been in Terrell County all my life, I know the people here."

Veteran paramedic David Dennard, Junior does have a couple of political signs advertising him for coroner, "I think I would be the one for the job."

But, those aren't fighting words. One of the men also seeking the coroner's job isn't exactly a stranger. "My mom was friends with his granddad and his dad. I am friends with his family, he is friends with all my family, he knows all mine, I know all his, I mean there is not going to be tension there between me and him, there is just not, no we are just too old of friends."

James Hamby is not only a life-long friend of David's, they work side by side at the Dawson EMS station. Hamby says, "We are going to be friends either way. If I win, we will be friends. If he wins, we will be friends."

Hamby is the current deputy coroner, as well as a long-time paramedic. But, these two old buddies aren't the only ones in the race.

"Yes, I know all of them, but I don't have anything to say about them." Gregory Hughly has nothing negative to say about his opponents. And also like his opponents, Hughly is a long-time paramedic, serving 28 years in Dougherty and Lee counties, "I feel now is a good time to take a chance at this opportunity and do my best."

All three candidates say they are the best for the job. No matter the outcome, all three will no doubt wish the winner the best.

After serving eight years as Terrell County's coroner, Chuck McConnell choose not to run again.

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