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Flood flashback

July 13, 2004

Albany--Air Force One flew into Albany on July 13, 1994. President Clinton met with local and state leaders and handed out the first disaster relief checks to the governors of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. "The biggest tragedy is always the human tragedy. You have 50,000 evacuees, already over 6200 applications for assistance," the President said. 

President Clinton handed out 60-million dollars in that initial relief package. Ultimately, the federal government would pay out nearly 500-million in disaster aid in Georgia.

From his Marine One helicopter, the President got an aerial tour of flood damage. Then he visited the Disaster Assistance Center where he spoke directly with flood victims who were applying for federal help. He praised south Georgians for working together. "Right now, a lot of good people are just going on adrenaline. Neighbors and helping neighbors and church groups and civic groups and the Red Cross and the National Guard and people are just pouring their hearts out and working together."

The other big news on the 13th came from Bainbridge where it turned out the flood wouldn't be record breaking. The National Weather Service revised its crest prediction. "They did not place in the computer the effect of the big slough. The big slough is a huge area north of town that has a large storage capacity" Bainbridge's mayor told us.

Near the Muckalee Creek in Lee County, huge mounds of debris were stacked in front of homes as flood victims salvaged what they could and threw away the junk. It was an example of the hard work that was ahead for thousands of south Georgians.

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