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Dry weather helps cotton farmers

July 13, 2004

Calhoun County -- For many South Georgia farmers, too much rain was starting to be a problem for their crops. Cotton growers are especially happy to see the drier and warmer weather of the last week.

 Jimmy Webb is glad he can roll his tractors again. Webb said "We had gotten borderline having too much rain, and that's hard for us to believe."

For weeks Webb's fields were too wet to work. Now it has dried enough to lay-by his cotton, to keep weeds under control. Webb said "Cotton needs hot weather to grow. Crop looks really good. I don't know if it will be as good as last year, but it sures look that way right  now."

His peanuts have spots that have not greened up yet because of standing water. While running irrigation machines in one field, there is still standing water in the next field of cotton, and he will probably lose those acres. Webb said "If you got this, that means you've had good rainfall and you probably going to make a good crop anyway. I'm not going to complain about that too much right  now."

For the last week, his Calhoun County fields have stayed dry, and that has helped. Webb said "Well this crop already has cotton boils on it. This should be ready...we may be harvesting this by the middle of September."

 This is the mid-point of the growing season in South Georgia. Plentiful rains have farmers very optimistic. Webb said "The economy of Southwest Georgia depends on what goes on in agriculture. So far things look good. Peanuts look awful good. Cotton looks awful good."

Webb says as long as the afternoon showers continue through late July and August, South Georgia farmers could see another bumper season in peanuts, corn, and cotton.

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