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Floodwatch flashback

July 12, 2004

Albany--As floodwaters receded in Albany on July 12, 1994, they continued to rise in Bainbridge. People there had more time to prepare and used it wisely, sandbagging to protect whatever they could.

In Lee County, many flood survivors continued to clean up and rebuild. Flood surivovr Larry Pearson told us, "the water receded real quick inside the house, so we were able to get started the next day."

A curfew remained in effect in Albany. Places like grocery stores could stay open, but authorities shut down non-essential businesses and busted violators.

National Guard pilots flew patients in need of medical care to both Albany hospitals. "Since we arrived, the bridges were closed down. We've become the air ambulance and lifeline for the medical patients from the east side to the west side of town," Capt. Tom Cobb said. In all, 28-hundred National Guard troops remained on patrol throughout southwest Georgia. Statewide the Guard was deployed in 18 cities.

Thirty-seven shelters remained open in Albany. Some residents had no idea where some of their relatives were or if they were safe. The Red Cross helped track them down. 

As the water receded, sinkholes opened; a problem that would continue for many more days.

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