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Dump site found

July 12, 2004

Dougherty County -- Albany Police have taken out arrest warrants for an Americus tree cutter, who has been ripping off homeowners and illegally dumping waste wood.

Authorities estimate there are over 13 hundred tons of tree waste that has been dumped into this sinkhole at Radium Springs Road and Redbud Road.

 Investigators are looking for Millard Farr of Americus for creating this mess. They think Farr is the tree cutter who ripped off several East Albany homeowners. He offered to cut down their trees cheap. Instead he took the good wood and left most of the debris in their yard.

 Investigators are surprised about the amount dumped right next to several homes. Keep Albany/Dougherty Beautiful Executive Director Judy Bowles said "Absolutely, Homes right beside it. It's a health hazard. We know there are snakes and rodents out here that would not accumulate here if we didn't have this debris."

If Farr is convicted of illegal dumping, a felony, he could face five years in prison. Judy Bowles wants to make sure whoever dumped the wood has to clean up the sinkhole.

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