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S. Georgians take advantage of advance voting

July 12, 2004

Albany-- The state's advance voting period opened Monday, and scores of South Georgians took advantage.

Through Friday, any registered voter can go to their county voter registrar's office and cast their ballot in the July 20th primary.

The Dougherty County office was busy Monday morning, as voters elected to go to the polls early.

Elizabeth Nichols took her granddaughter Jordan to advance voting, because she feels strongly about that right. Nichols said, "It's very important, very important to me. I try never to miss it."

Nichols will be out of the country July 20th, and wanted to cast her ballot now. "I had already called and cleared that. Then learned on TV this weekend that everybody can do it. So it's a delight to see them all in there."

Nichols did not have to give a reason to vote early. Anyone can vote at their county voter registrar's office during regular business hours through Friday. Just show your photo identification, ask for your ballot, and cast your vote.

And a lot of people taking advantage. Dougherty County elections supervisor Carolyn Hatcher said "It's a good tool for getting people to come on out and make sure they vote." Thirty people voted in the Dougherty County office on their touch screen voting machines in the first two hours, including District Attorney candidate Ken Hodges.

Hodges said "I wanted to vote early, because I wanted first of all to get the vote in for me. But I want to take advantage of this early voting and spread the news to everyone else, because it's important to get out to vote."

For Jordan, this was her first time at the ballot box. "It looked hard. She had to fill out a lot of papers and figure out which one to vote for."

It's not really that tough. Voters do have to choose between Democratic or Republican ballots, but if you want to cast your ballot early, you can anytime this week.

Which Elizabeth says is another important lesson for Jordan. "I'm teaching her about the country and how fortunate we are" The regular polling places will be open July 20th for the primaries.

In Dougherty County, advanced voting is available from 8:30 until 4:30 through Friday. Each county's voter registrar office sets their own hours, so you may want to call ahead.

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