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Kids become accomplished chefs

July 12, 2004

Valdosta - Ever wish you could take a break from the kitchen and let your kids prepare the meals? Sounds too good to be true, but a South Georgia camp is transforming youngsters into accomplished chefs.

It's Cooking 101 for these six, seven, and eight year olds. "We're learning how to stir, cut, and learning about different measurements," said Kathy Wortham, Teacher.

Today's the first day of Kids in the Kitchen Camp, and they're starting with the basics. "Clean up after you eat," said Haley Tubbs. "They're getting to know the environment of the kitchen, where the refrigerator and oven is," said Wortham.

Early cooking skills, like the proper way to crack an egg and clean vegetables, help prepare them for the bigger dishes to come. "We'll be preparing everything from peanut butter yum yums to main, one-course dishes," said Wortham.

Along with the basics come some valuable safety lessons. "Don't put your fingers near a knife when you're cutting something," said Benjamin Taylor. "Wear an oven mit so you don't burn yourself on the oven," said Sarah Leff.

At the end of camp, each chef gets a cookbook filled with recipes from this week, so they can put their skills to the test at home and give Mom and Dad a break from the kitchen.

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