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Candidates rally during last days of campaign

July 10, 2004

Albany- Music and food a combination candidate for State House District 151 Freddie Powell Sims hopes will be a winning one.

"I want them to come out to the polls and vote. It's extremely important for everybody to exercise on of the most important freedoms that they have and that is the freedom to vote and also to choose the best candidate," she says.

Powell Sims is not only using the rally to ask others for their support, but she says it's her way of giving voters a chance to ask her where she stands on the issues.

"A voter should always be informed, and the only way to be informed is to talk to the candidates."

Other candidates are also going grass roots during the last days of campaigning.

"We want to get the voters out, and not only that, some of them haven't seen me for years. I want them to know me because some of them don't know me and this is a good way to do it," says Dougherty County Sheriff Jamil Saba.

Saba's rally was in the form of an old fashioned fish fry... a fish fry that he says is as much for him as it is for the community.

"They can visit some and a lot of these people get to see some of their friends they haven't seen in a while and we just want everybody to enjoy."

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