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Youth center offers teens options for entertainment

July 9, 2004

Albany- Teenagers are always looking for a place of their own.

"There's really not that many places to go," said 16-year -old Corey Lawson.

But that road may end at The Journey.

"It's an alternative to what is out there to entertain teenagers,"said Pastor Gordon Fletcher with Providence Church.

The Journey is part of the youth ministry at Providence. With walls of video games, plenty of pool, and crowds of kids, it's meant to be a safe place for all teens, regardless of where or if they go to church.

"We want to really open this up as a resource to other youth pastors, their youth ministries as well as just open it up to the community," Fletcher said. "We hope that this place, we pray this place provides some purpose in some of these teens lives."

Lives that will hopefully be enriched by a place like this.

"I think it's a fun place for kids to come and hang out," Lawson said. "We like to play pool and video games and stuff."

Stuff that's pretty important to teens, as they each begin their own journey.

The Journey will also be bringing in bands. The center is open to teenagers Friday and Saturday night from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m.

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