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Chambliss battles cancer

July 8, 2004

Albany- Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss says he shouldn't miss any work because of cancer.

Senator Chambliss was diagnosed with prostate cancer during a yearly physical. The initial test for prostate cancer came back normal, but a digital exam made doctors question the results.

"Which I encourage every male 45 years or older, not to do just the PSA, but do the digital exam because that's where they felt something unusual and I was sent to Bethesda for some additional test and they confirmed in fact I did have prostate cancer," Chambliss said.

Chambliss hasn't decided his course of treatment, but he'll receive it while Congress is out of session in August.

He says he feels fine and expects to make a full recovery, and he wants to thank the South Georgians who have already sent him get well wishes.