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Ken Hodges campaigns for re-election

July 7, 2004

Albany -- Ken Hodges is seeking his third term as Dougherty County District Attorney. He is opposed by attorney Ingrid Driskell Polite in the July 20th Democratic Primary.

We followed Hodges on a day of politics and prosecuting.

Hodges said "I'm Ken Hodges, and I'm your District Attorney running for re-election. And I hope you'll get out and support me." "Oh I will."

 District Attorney Ken Hodges starting his morning shaking hands at Pearly's. "I hope I can get ya'lls vote on the 20th." "Hope you think we've been doing a good job for 8 years, and will put in back in for four more."

Answering question about his background.  "University of Georgia law school." Undergraduate? "Emory. I have a thing with some information, that will tell you all about me."

And campaigning .  "If you want to have a voice into who your D.A. is going to be, you've got to vote in the Democratic Primary."

The 38 year old Hodges wraps up the campaigning, and returns to court for hearings and meetings. Hodges says "The overriding issue is public safety. People want to feel safe in their homes and community." "Elder abuse is a growing problem in our nation."

At noon, a speech to a SOWEGA council on aging group. Hodges said "We were recognized as the best office for victim assistance, which is good. And our teen alcohol initiative is showing marked improvement."

 Hodges says the biggest difference between him and opponent Ingrid Driskell Polite, is his experience as a prosecutor and manager. "I administer an office with a two million dollar budget and 50 employees, and have also stayed below budget."

 Long days for Ken Hodges,serving as District Attorney and campaigning for re-election. "Thanks. Get out to vote July 20th."

 Wednesday morning Hodges received the endorsement from four former Police Chiefs in Albany and Dougherty County. Washington Long, Jack Lumpkin, Bill Kicklighter, and David Perry all gave their endorsement to Hodges.

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