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Curfew for minors?

July 7th, 2004

Pavo - There's not a major crime problem in Pavo, but late night mischief by teens has gotten the attention of the city council. Call it a pre-emptive strike. "So that we can keep them out of trouble as well as prevent them from getting hurt out here," says Pavo Police Chief Gerald Causey.

He says gangs of teens here aren't necessarily getting involved in drug activity, but he doesn't want late nights in the streets to lead to that. "It'll send them a message to stay off the street," he says. "That way, they'll be protected from the ones that's going to do it, break the law anyway and that's what we're after."

Broken windows and pieces of litter are a common problem at the old school grounds and all of this has to be repaired or cleaned up with taxpayers money.

Money council member Bob Miller hopes the city will save if the curfew is passed. He says, "What this is is a guideline for the police to use and if they see somebody out doing mischievous stuff, then they can react, call the parents, and let the parents handle it as they see fit."

Instead of the citizens paying for more cleanup. The city council will vote on the ordinance Thursday night at 7PM at the municipal building in Pavo.

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