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S. Georgians preserve veggies at canning plant

July 7, 2004

Valdosta - Vonceil Harrell is making sure she has enough fresh, juicy tomatoes to last her family all year. "My kids like rice and tomatoes, I use them for spaghetti, soups, chili," said Harrell.

For more than 30 years, she's come to canning plants like the one at Lowndes High School to put up her vegetables. "We usually come to do our peas, butter beans, and tomatoes," said Harrell.

This place has anything you need to preserve all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and sauces in no time. "We've got a peach sheller than can peal a bushel of peaches in about a minute, and we can shell a bushel of peas in about three minutes," said James Corbett, Plant Manager.

Using the canning plant to put up your vegetables cuts your processing time by more than half. "It cuts down on the heat, mess, and expense in your kitchen," said Susan Putnam.

And another plus, it's cheap. "I'm doing nine cases of tomatoes for 10 cents a jar and that's using their water, steamer, and everything," said Harrell.

"It's a dollar a bushel to wash and blanch peas or $3.00 to shell and wash them," said Corbett.

A hassle free way to keep those tasty fruits and vegetables on your table year round.

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