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Pets abandoned in home three weeks

July 7, 2004

Albany -- Sixteen dogs and cats are rescued after being left alone inside a house for three weeks. Two dogs didn't survive in the house officials say looks like a horror movie.

The animals were found inside a house on Almond Drive  in East Albany. They were sick and emaciated, roaming around inside without food or water.

Their owner left the state in April and says she hired another woman to take care of them. But the caretaker apparently abandoned them three weeks ago.

Their ribs showing from starvation, many with their hair chewed off from fleas and mange. Eyes full of sorrow after months locked in a home alone. Humane Society Executive Director Donna Strickland says "They are all in sad shape. They are all kind of emaciated, underweight."

Starved for affection and a kind touch as much as food and water. The animals were found at a rental house on Almond Drive. City and county officials had to see it to believe it. One dog starved to death in the yard, tied to a tree. Another carcass lies on the living room floor inside the home.

Code Enforcement officer Russell McDonald said "A lot of dog feces, just unbearable conditions really. How long were these dogs and cats in there? The neighbor tell us they been in there for years, and she had as much as 30 in here."

The yard is overgrown, strewn with garbage. Neighbor Lucille Price made the call for help. Price said "So they been there by their self. Cause at night you couldn't rest, they would be hollering and crying because they was hungry."

McDonald said "Can you imagine. People say every time they walk down the street, the dogs would be barking, and trying to get out the windows."

The 14 dogs and two cats now are being treated at the Albany Humane Society, but it's still not known if they can be saved. Strickland said "we could be dealing with heart worm positive dogs, which is expensive to treat. So we don't really know yet, It will just depend on what the medical reports on each dog are."

No criminal charges have been filed against the animals' owner. The landlord who rented the house to the animal owner is charged with code violations for an unsafe property.

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