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John Kerry picks John Edwards as running mate

July 6th, 2004

Thomasville - The lunch crowd at Fallin's Barbecue is dwindling, but owner Joe Fallin isn't slowing down.

"Politics is an art of compromise. And the art of compromise has been lost," he says.

In addition to the Old Fashioned Barbecue and Brunswick stew, some customers will get a hearty helping of political pudding with their meals. Today's flavor? Kerry choosing John Edwards as his running mate.

Fallins asks a customer, "What's your opinion of his choice? Was that a good one, bad one, indifferent, or what?" "Definitely good for him," he says. Fallin asks, "Good for Kerry?" "Yeah." "You think it's going to help him win the election?" Um"

Well, not everyone wants Kerry to win, but Fallin, a staunch Democrat believes Edwards will give Kerry the edge he needs to carry the votes. He says, "I'm pleased. I'm very pleased with it. I think it was probably the best choice."

And he thinks the Kerry/Edwards combo will make better choices for America. Fallin says, "We're just in a mess and I know that we're in a mess because of bad decisions made by the present President."

A mess he hopes John Kerry and John Edwards can straighten out. An AP poll showed John Edwards the favorite among registered voters to be the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate.

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