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Florida man killed in fiery S. Georgia crash

July 5, 2004

Sparks -"I saw the smoke prior to getting to the exit. As I pulled on the top of the exit, I could view the wreckage at the other side of the ramp here," says State Trooper Sergeant Don Whitaker.

The wreck happened around 6:30 Monday morning. The driver, 39-year old Timothy Wayne Chambers, exited off of the interstate, but apparently didn't see a stop sign. He drove off the ramp and into a steep ditch. He was killed on the scene.

Whitaker describes the crash, "Just came straight across this Sparks Cutoff road here and straight over into the other side of the ramp."

Chambers was traveling South on I-75, when he took exit 4. For some reason, he didn't see the stop sign. There are no skid marks on this road, just the charred remains of what was the tractor-trailer on the other side of the ramp.

"In a wreck like this," says Whitaker, "where there's no skid marks, no apparent reason, there's only two or three options that you can look at and we're looking at everything that we can possibly look at to try and figure out the cause of the accident."

Some possibilities? Well, Chambers could have traveled all night and fallen asleep, or he simply may not have seen the stop sign. Whatever the reason, investigators hope to know what caused the crash soon. Some of those answers could come in the rubble left behind.

"This is probably going to take most of the day to clean up," says Whitaker. "We've got a crew here, the embankment is too steep to actually get a front end loader down in there, so most of this work is going to have to be done by hand and toted up this hill." A hot and difficult job on a day that has claimed a life.

Timothy Chamber's body is on the way to the crime lab in Atlanta. Investigators hope an autopsy will help them understand why he crashed.

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