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Boaters hit the lake for the 4th

July 3, 2004

Albany -- Boaters across South Georgia are hitting the water this 4th of July weekend. For many, spending the holiday on the lake is a tradition.

Bill and Opal Brown are newlyweds starting a new 4th of July tradition on the waters of Lake Chehaw.

"It's relaxing. I get relaxed on the water. I just love it. I'm not out on it enough," says Opal Brown.

The Brown's  won't be alone this weekend. For many boaters, flocking to waters for the fourth is tradition. While some look for a quit day on the lake others like to let loss on the water.

"I like to get out there and rip," says boater Robert Gwinn.

"You fire this thing up  and you get out here and go you feel the breeze, it's just like riding a motorcycle-- it's just freedom," says Gwinn.

Freedoms these boaters celebrate while practicing their favorite past-time in a way that has a nack for bringing friend and families closer. Many say these waters are therapeutic.

"Peace and enjoyment I think about the good things I have in life," says Brown.

This is 3-year old Skylean Kilpatricks first 4th of July on the lake her step-father says she's already hooks.

"She's enjoying it. We went swimming this morning now she says she wants to get on the boat," say Eric Johnson's.

And having the right to enjoy a day on the water is the way these boater honors the freedom we celebrate.

DNR officials are reminding boaters to take extra precautions while on the waterway during the busy holiday period.

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