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Holiday's start make roads dangerous

July 2, 2004

Albany -- The Georgia State Patrol says more travelers on the road this weekend, coupled with more drunk drivers, will create a dangerous holiday weekend for drivers.

Stan Getek is starting his 4th of July Celebration in an unusual way.

"I'm thinking about getting this one here," says Getek pointing to a tattoo picture of a skull wearing a red, white and blue hat .

Getek is getting a patriotic tattoo. Although, this young man may take risks with his arms, he doesn't take risks if he has been drinking and has to get on the road.

"First thing you do is pick up the phone-- call somebody," says Getek.

State troopers predict 14 people will die on Georgia highways this holiday weekend. They say many of those crashes will come as a result of drunk drivers.

That's why troopers will be out in full force for the next 78 hours writing tickets and keeping a close eye on teen drivers.

"Teenagers are not usually as focused on their driving they stand a chance to take more chances than many adults would," says Trooper Darryl Benton of GSP.

"As a result of having DUI you can loss your license and you could  become a habitual offender," says Benton.

Repeat offenses could land you behind the bars or in a serious accident.

So however you chose to celebrate America's birthday this weekend, officials are urging to you keep things safe.

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