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Campers stir up cure for cancer

July 1, 2004

Albany - On a hot summer south Georgia day, a cold glass of lemonade sure is refreshing, but you don't see lemonade stands too often anymore. On Thursday, young volunteers stirred up some pitchers and a little nostalgia for a good cause.

Add cold lemonade, stir in enthusiastic girls and you get a whole lot of giggles and just as many donations. Camp Counselor, Ivy Inman, says, "We've been talking about it all week." One girl yells, "Another person coming, another person coming! Put the dollar in here!" One camper tells another, "What about you pour and I'll serve?"

Serving up the liquid that might stir up a cure for cancer. While these girls are doing a great job at their lemonade stand, a girl they don't even know is going across the country raising money.  Camper, Browning Lane, says, "She has cancer."

Little 8-year-old Alex Scott has battled cancer in Philadelphia her whole life. Camp Counselor, Taylor Hawke, adds, "When she was four, which is most of their ages, she started these lemonade stands."

Best friends Hawke and Inman thought the lemonade stand was a sweet idea. Last year, they started Girls Day Out Camp to give younger girls something fun to do in the summer. This year, the lemonade project is making the camp even more meaningful.

These giddy and hardworking camp girls raised more than $500 and raised the spirits of thirsty south Georgians too.

Money raised for the Lemonade Stand Fund Foundation goes toward Pediatric Cancer research. So far, a quarter of a million dollars has been collected.

In Albany, you can drop off donations at Villager Cleaners, Place on the Point and The Veranda.

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