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Govind Patel wants Senate seat

July 1, 2004

Atlanta-- Twelve people are running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Zell Miller. One of them is Govind Patel, an Atlanta area real estate broker.

Democrat Govind Patel is the only candidate in this Senate race who was born outside the United States. He moved here from India in 1971 and is the President and broker of MGR International Realty in Lilburn.

The 59-year old Patel's campaign slogan is "IOU," which stands for immigration, outsourcing and unemployment. His number one issue, illegal immigrants. He says the influx of uneducated immigrants has dampened advances in national security. He also wants job outsourcing stopped because of its drain on the American economy.

Govind Patel says he believes in helping underprivileged, academically bright children and would like to see that they have access to education money on their own rather than relying on their parents.

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