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Business leaders get Air Force orientation

July 1, 2004

Lowndes County - Flying a simulated aircraft and learning the ins and outs of a T-38 training jet aren't part of the usual workday for these Moultrie business leaders. But it's an important lesson in U.S. Defense. "We've been touring the facilities, seeing the different groups here and learning about what they do," said Brent Maule.

In less than a month, pilots from Moody Air Force Base will use the skies over Moultrie as an additional training field. "Spence Field seems to be a perfect fit," said Lt. Col. Alan Worley.

To help these business leaders better understand the partnership, they spent the day learning more about Moody's various missions. "We want to eliminate any fears in the civilian community as to what we're going to do and how we're really not going to interact with them," said Worley. "It will give us a better understanding of what goes on here and how Spence Field can help them accomplish their mission," said Maule.

The partnership is a win-win situation for the base and Moultrie. "They will have a presence there in terms of personnel and that will certainly have some economic impact," said Moultrie City Manager Robert Hopkins. "We're able to take the students out into a different environment and show them different things to train them better," said Worley.

And better training means better pilots, and most importantly, a stronger source of U.S. defense.

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