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Mayor fed up with high gas prices

June 30, 2004

Sale City- Sale City Mayor Travis Flanders has something in common with every citizen he serves.

He's hurting from high gas prices too.

"When you got gas prices as high as they are right now, people are having a hard time filling up and going to work," Flanders said. "When other states where their taxes on their gas are a whole lot higher than ours, we got a problem in Southwest Georgia."

He knows people in other states with higher gas taxes are paying less than us because he's been checking.

"Yes, what's the price right now of your unleaded gas, per gallon?" he asked a gas station attendant in Florida over the telephone. "It's $1.76 at the Express Lane on Highway 77 in Panama City, Fla."

In Sale City, regular unleaded gas is $1.79 a gallon. In Albany, it's ranging from $1.77 to $1.80 a gallon. That's the reason he wants local officials to start speaking out and speaking up for the people they serve.

"For us to come together and start asking the wholesalers, why is the gas so high."

And point out the effect it's having on many of us, especially the elderly.

"So now, besides them choosing between food and medicine, they're choosing between food, medicine and gas."

That's a decision this mayor doesn't want anyone in Sale City to face.

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