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Fewer stores caught selling to underage

June 30, 2004

Albany -- Undercover cops tested 89 Dougherty County stores over the last three days. Underage officers went into the stores and tried to buy alcohol. Only 16 of the stores sold to the underage buyers, much fewer than previous sting operations.

This is some of the alcohol sold in the check. 82-percent of the stores followed the law, by far the best score during in three years of checks and education programs to stop underage sales.

16-stores did sell to the underage buyers. The clerks will be arrested in the next week.

The Roadrunner Store on Sylvester Road sold to undercover officers for the fourth time. Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges says enough is enough. Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said "I will be personally bringing this one to the attention of the commission. And looking at a license revocation for the fourth offense on that store."

Six stores held the license of the undercover buyer, and called the Police to report him.

Only one store sold alcohol on Sunday, Daylight Groceries on South Jackson Street.

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