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Murder in Tift County

June 30, 2004

Tift County -- Investigators say a woman found dead Tuesday night in Tift County was murdered. The women has now been identified as 76-year old Mary Hancock of Tifton.

The body of 76-year-old Mary Hancock of Tifton was found Tuesday night behind an old farm. Investigators say it looked as if it had been there for several days. The body was decomposed so severely it was hard to make a positive identification.

Farrell Roberts and his son-in-law lease the farm land where the victim was found and they discovered the body.

"When we came up here he said you look up on the left. It looked like somebody had started a fire and there where beer cans over here and then we come around here and there is where the body lay right there," says Roberts

Roberts says he noticed unusual car tracks near where the body was found nearly two weeks ago. He says his farm land off of Highway 41 isn't gated and it wasn't unusual for hunters and migrant workers to trespass and drink here.

"People go and come in here at night and I live several miles away so I'm not here when somebody is in and out," says Roberts.

Sheriff's investigators would not say how long the victim may have been dead. But they did say her family had not reported her missing. Now investigators are looking for the dead woman's car a 2001 silver Toyota Avalon that they hope it will lead them to the killer.

Roberts says even with some questions answered, after making the gruesome discovery, it's still hard for him to sleep at night.

"It's a disregard for somebody's life and it kinda gets to you," says Roberts

Officials have not released a possible motive or cause of death. They are urging the community to do all they can to help solve this case.

Investigators are looking for a 2001 silver Toyota Avalon with license number 8-9-9-E-A-J. If you have any information call Tift County Sheriffs Department.

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