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Propane leak opens eyes to dangers

June 30, 2004

Dougherty County - A dangerous propane leak Wednesday in Dougherty County. A thousand gallon tank sprung a leak Wednesday morning.

Nothing bad happened, but it should open your eyes to the hazards of propane.

Spitting distance from the Dougherty County Jail, Fire Captain Pete Giddens, says, "It was leaking propane underground to a supply generator and the generator never kicked in, thank goodness."

The generator could have caused a spark, but Broadwing Communications employees smelled the odor first, around the thousand gallon tank. It was half full Tuesday, but by Wednesday morning only 10 percent of propane left. It could have been much worst. 

Sammy Massey works around propane everyday at Massey Propane and Fuel in Camilla. He says, "People think just because there's no fire, there's no danger, but there is."

Dangerous propane tanks are known places you can find kids playing, so, Massey urges you to, "Lock the cubbard, cause they can come here and play with it and maybe break a line here."

A line that can cause major freeze burns, but keep keys handy just in case you need to shut off the valve.

The good news, Massey adds, "Very seldom would you have an explosion from a leak it would be like a major torch is what you'd have."

But, that torch can still burn you and it's tough to tell when you're standing in fumes.

Which brings us back to Dougherty County, the smell alerted employees and emergency crews quickly took care of everything. Everyone walked away with no injuries.

A section of Evelyn Avenue was shut down for thirty minutes, but no one was evacuated.

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