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People head to Florida for fireworks

June 30, 2004

Jennings, Florida - It's a 4th of July tradition for just about everyone. And these shoppers are no exception. "I bought lots of roman candles, some explosive ones, and tons of firecrackers," said Sean Turner.

They come to TNT Fireworks in Jennings, Florida from all over the South. "I came from Decatur, up near Atlanta," said Dustin Cufer. "We got them from Georgia, Florida, travelers stopping in from Ohio," said Mike Pittman, Store Manager.

And you may be surprised at just how much money they spend. "They just go crazy, some people spend 2000 to 3000 dollars on fireworks every year," said Pittman.

Workers here say the most popular selling fireworks are the big booming artillery shells. But its important to remember that no matter what kind of fireworks you buy, even if it's just small sparklers, they're all illegal in the state of Georgia. "If you're caught, you could and most likely will be cited through city court," said Lt. Brian Childress.

But the shoppers we talked to today all plan on obeying the law this holiday. "We'll be at a hotel in Daytona," said Cufer. Making this 4th of July a fun and safe one.

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