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Feds say Albany Head Start may be mishandling money

June 29, 2004

Albany- The federal government came close to shutting down Head Start of Albany for mishandling millions of dollars.

Workers at the main office locked the doors this afternoon when News 10 showed up to ask questions. City and county leaders announced today that the federal department that oversees Head Start found accounting problems with the program's $5 million annual budget.

"Basically, the accounting practices don't line up with what the federal government would like to have," said Board Chairman Christopher Pike.

Federal workers will return next week to look further into the accounting problems.

"The professionals at Head Start are going to come down and do what's necessary to change the program into the way it needs to be run, meet all their qualifications and continue the program for our citizens," said Jeff Sinyard, Dougherty County Commission Chairman.

Head Start provides free day care for low income families to help prepare children to enter school. The program serves 700 children in Dougherty County and employs 150 people.

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