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Albany Mosque leader prays for peace in Iraq

Imam Salahuddin Hanif Imam Salahuddin Hanif

June 28, 2004

Albany -- The leader of an Albany Mosque says he hopes the American hand over of power in Iraq will bring peace to that troubled nation. South Georgia Muslims are praying for the new government.

Imam Salahuddin Hanif says his daily noon prayer. One of his prayers is for Iraq. Hanif said "Our prayers go out to the innocent people of Iraq and also our soldiers who are over there, jeopardizing their life for country and freedom for the world."

Hanif says South Georgia Muslims are watching the hand over of power to Iraqi nationals with the same interest as Christians and Jews. Hanif said "Right now I don't think nobody knows what to expect, in that situation."

The Imam says Muslims being back in power in Iraq will hopefully ease some of the terror attacks and violence. Hanif said "It allows them to have a little more independence and it also gives them a sense of calm and self-assurance. It will give them an opportunity to also establish what they consider an Islamic state."

Hanif says his daily noon prayers for peace and thanksgiving in Iraq were probably echoed by millions of Muslims across the world today.

The Albany Masjid of Al-Islam has between 50 and 60 Muslims worshippers.

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