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Residents work to preserve TY TY's history

June 27, 2004

Ty Ty--One group of residents from Ty Ty are working to answer questions about the city's history and preserve the story of Ty Ty and it's early settlers.

If there is anything good about a hot South Georgia day --it may the power it has to jog our memories about how things used to be.

"This was the place you come to for a big Coke-a-Cola and they first came out with a big family size Coke and on a hot, summer afternoon that was a good way to get some refreshment," says Hubert Wood.

Wood's family would bring him to Ty Ty for that big Coke. Ty Ty is a rail road city that started in the late 1800s. The rail road drew farmers, labors, and newly freed slaves to settle in South Georgia and made TyTy, at the time, one of the largest cities in the area.

"Ty Ty then became important -- as several other communities did that were along the area of the rail road," says Wood.

But over the years, the railroads left and so did the businesses that came with it. And Ty Ty's significant roll in starting it all was mostly forgotten.

Now a handful of residents are raising money to build a monument that pays tribute to Ty Ty's history and the early families who settled here.

Anything that preserves our heritage is important and in that instance I want to do what I can to preserve it," says Pait Willis another member of the Ty Ty Project.

When complete, the six-foot tall monument will sit in place where the rail road that started it all once lay.

The Memorial Monument Team say they have raised half of the $10,000  needed to build the monument. They are asking the community to make donations and add their  names  to the momument. Call Carolyn Flynt at 404-634-4459 for more information.

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