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Iced tea tops in the south

June 27, 2004

Albany- "We sell a lot of tea," says Sonny's Barbecue General Manager David Crocker.

They sell so much that gallons are brewed long before any customers walk into the restaurant.

"It's going to fill up an urn which is about 3 gallons, but we a constantly filling them up. Sonny's Corporate has their own special blend, and we use that so it tastes a little bit different we think so. It tastes a little bit better," Crocker laughs as he begins to brew a fresh container.

At well over 600 cups of a day, Sonny's serves more sweetened iced tea than any other beverage.

"We sell unsweetened tea, but sweet is by far the most we sell. Down south and here in Albany they like it sweet, so we usually just use about 4 to 5 cups of sugar and that's it."

June may be recognized as National Iced Tea month, but tea drinkers say it's a hit all year round.

"I was raised on sweet tea. It's refreshing, the sweetness of it. It just goes good with southern type meals," claims Ed Norman.

"I would say sweet tea is my favorite, with lemon. It just gives it a little perk to it," explains Jo An Dabbs.

"It's a cool drink. It quenches your thirst I guess. It's a southern thing," adds Crocker.

Iced tea wasn't the only food or drink that got it's big break at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. Hamburgers were also first introduced during the event.

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