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March focuses on nonviolence

June 26, 2004

Albany- The wounds are still fresh for Jose King's family and friends.

"We're all going to miss him," says his stepfather Billy Joe Hall.

Saturday they took to the streets and joined a march sponsored by the Albany Dougherty Restorative Justice Center and the Dougherty County District Attorney's Office.

"We thought that we shouldn't let his death or any of the other deaths be in vain, so we should do something about it," says the organization's Executive Director, Joyce Jordan.

Those closest to him may still be waiting for closure, but they say King would have wanted them to focus on the bigger issue of stopping violence in the community.

"I just hope this gets to all the younger people to put the violence down and show love because we need it," says Hall.

"Hopefully the community will come together as a whole because we all need support, and just like this happened to my family, it could happen to anyone's family, and I wouldn't want anyone to feel what we feel right now," adds King's sister, Stacy King.

Organizers say the event was planned to get the community to think...

"I want them to think about family reunions where all the family members are there. I want them to think about a city where senior citizens aren't afraid to be at home by themselves. I want them to think about streets that will be safe for everybody," Jordan says.

... And then hopefully turn those thoughts into actions.

Police are still asking for your help in finding 22 year old Quinton Ramon Jackson, the man suspected of shooting King. He also goes by the name "Butch." Police say Jackson is about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 286 pounds. If you have any information call the Albany Police Department at 229-431-3288.

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