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Check for secure hotels when out on vacation

June 26, 2004

Albany-- Now that summer is officially here many South Georgia families are planning a vacation. It's important that you make sure the hotel or resort you are staying at is safe.

Security cameras shooting from every angle is one measure the Sleep Inn Hotel in Albany takes to protect their guests.

"Hotels take many, many security measures. We have to make sure that our employees and our guests are secure," says Jaye Lomax sales manager for the Sleep Inn Hotel.

Checking into hotels with security, you can see, is the first step in protecting yourself, your luggage,and personal items that cannot be replaced. Look for things like cameras and rooms with dead bolts and look for security doors at the entrance.

"When I do walk out of my room I know that no one is here except the hotel people and people who are suppose to be here," say hotel guest JoAnn Green.

Remember not every hotel take the extra steps to keep thieves out. And if your not careful you could unknowingly help one slip into your room and steal.

Experts say one big mistake is using your door latch to keep your door open while you make a quick run they say always take your card key and lock the door.

Also make sure at check-in you tell the desk clerk not to give your key to anyone who isn't registered to stay in your room no matter what excuse they make.

"They would probably say 'ohh I locked my key out so can I get another key' an our staff is trained not to give out the key until they see the ID," says Lomax.

Many hotels offer guest access to safes to lock up valuable belongings they want to keep in their room. And staying safe is one way to make sure your summer vacation is a good one.

It's smart to also check the fire exit locations and also make sure you have sprinklers in your room.

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