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Georgia Guard unit gets into thick of action

June 25, 2004

Iraq-- As violence surges in Iraq, a south Georgia National Guard unit narrowly escapes a car bomb blast.

Pictures from the 1148th Transportation Group show how a bomb shattered the truck's windshield, blew out the rear glass and shattered the side mirrors. A trailer and humvee on the truck were destroyed.

The driver and co-driver, Sergeants Calvin Collier and Terry Shafter were on a mission Monday when a vacant car on the side of the road exploded.

In an e-mail, Collier wrote, "We came upon a red car parked on the right side of the road with the rear of the car jacked up and a tire missing. When my vehicle began to pass the car, the bomb went off hitting my vehicle."

"We looked behind us, and all that was left of the car was the engine."

Nobody was injured. Collier said an angel was protecting them.

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