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SWGA Counties work to protect MCLB

June 23, 2004

Albany - Neighboring communities raise nearly $30,000 to protect the Albany Marine Base. Wednesday, representatives from Sumter, Worth, and Mitchell County, as well as the city of Sylvester, gave the Southwest Georgia Alliance for Progress five checks totaling $26,300.

If BRAC decides to close the Marine Base, hundreds of people in the neighboring counties would lose their jobs. "It would be very detrimental to Worth County and Sylvester," said Chamber of Commerce Director Debi Griffin. "Our people would lose their jobs, we would lose residents, homes, and businesses. That's why it's important for the surrounding counties to work together."

The Alliance for Progress has already raised nearly $600,000 to use to improve services, infrastructure, and schools around the Base, as well as to pay for consultants to answer the extensive questionnaire required by BRAC.

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