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Medical mission in South Georgia

June 23, 2004

Decatur County - The laughter of children is contagious, and health care workers want to make sure that's the only thing they'll be spreading around.

Dr. Theresa Berry says, "We're trying to educate the migrant farm workers to help them better themselves with their health."

More than 1,000 people will have their eyes, hemoglobin and blood pressure checked for free by P. A. students from Emory University, and nursing students from around South Georgia.

Tom Himelick, a P. A. says, "The project is a service learning opportunity for us, providing clinical training for the students and at the same time service to the community."

The workers not only provide basic health care to the migrants, they also provide other necessities like shampoo, toothpaste and clothing. Youth from Central Congregational United Church of Christ in Atlanta came to Bainbridge to help with the children and to distribute clothing.

Natalie Bundschu says, "We came to help them out, because our job makes their job just a little bit easier to do."

And while working with the migrants, they've earned a new appreciation for what they do. Dr. Berry says, "You pick up that tomato and you think,'gosh somebody had to do a lot of work to bring this to me. So, it made me a lot more thankful for the food that is provided for us." And thankful for the basic commodities most of us have access to everyday.

The team will visit migrant camps in Bainbridge through tomorrow night. They spent last week in Lowndes and Brooks counties.

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