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U.S. Senate candidates in Albany

June 22, 2004

Albany- The number of U.S. casualties in Iraq continues to rise as we try to help re-build the country.

An Albany candidate for U.S. Senate says we sent the troops there unprepared.

"They didn't have proper weapons for urban combat. Their M-16's were too long and too heavy. They didn't have enough grenades," said Finkelstein, a Democrat. "They did not even have proper boots for desert warfare."

Finkelstein and Libertarian Allen Buckley are the only candidates for Zell Miller's Senate seat who showed up.

"A lot of the problems we have right now are about because the decision making by the major parties emphasizes today to the detriment of tomorrow," Buckley said.

Herman Cain and other Republicans delivered messages through representatives.

"In this plan are fundamental changes to the way our government works such as restructuring social security so that it does not go bankrupt and is still around 50 years from now," said Alexander Brunk, speaking for Cain.

Congressman's Mac Collins' campaign says his experience should help get your vote.

"Now is not the time to send a moderate to the United States Senate. And now is not the time to send a man with no experience, no leadership, no reputation to the United States Senate," said Dan Kidder for Collins.

Johnny Isakson's representative touted the endorsement of a well-respected Georgian's widow.

"If there's one think Johnny Isakson has in common with Senator Paul Coverdell is that two main issues face South Georgia," said Chase Daughtery, speaking for Isakson. "One of those is agriculture and the other is our military installations."

Just a couple of major issues South Georgians must weigh when making this Senate seat decision.

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