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Running for House Seat 149

Hugh D. Broome Hugh D. Broome
Gerald Greene Gerald Greene

June 22, 2004

Donalsonville - Hugh D. Broome walks into every room as if he owned it, and if you didn't know better, you'd probably think he did. Born and reared in Donalsonville, Hugh D., as friends call him, is well known around town. Those who don't know him personally know him as House Representative 141.

He says, "Serving your constituents. I think that's the most important thing in campaigning. If you get results for them, then you don't have to campaign."

This year, Hugh D. is campaigning, against friend and fellow incumbent Gerald Greene. Due to redistricting, the two representatives were thrown into the same district.

Broome says, "It's not pleasant. It's not pleasant running against a friend." A friend who has 18 more years of experience than Broome, but he says that's not an issue. "I have done as much in four years as many, many Representatives have done in 20 years," he says.

The Broome name is well known in Seminole County from generations past and present, so campaigning here is really just shaking hands with old friends, but for Broome, Seminole County is the only one he currently represents that will be a part of district 149. For Greene, it's the only county he does not currently represent.

That's why Greene is in Seminole County, meeting those in this unfamiliar territory. "Well, I wanted to come down and meet the people of Seminole County since it's in the district," he says, "I always believe that meeting people face-to-face."

And he's making sure to let them know what issues are important to him. "Being a former educator," says Greene, "I'm concerned about education, about the needs of our students."

Greene says his seniority in the house will earn South Georgia favor when presenting those needs. "The more seniority," he says, "the more responsibility you have, the more input you have into decisions at the legislature."

But, come July 20th, one of these men won't have that input anymore, because only one will continue to serve in the House. District 149 includes Randolph, Clay, Calhoun, Miller, Early and Seminole Counties.

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