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Gas prices dip; South Georgia drivers aren't cheering

June 22, 2004

Cordele-- Many drivers scout out the best deal, and the price difference between cities might shock you. Gas prices in Georgia have dropped about twelve cents in the last month.

Every little bit helps, but with gas prices still averaging about forty-five cents higher than last summer, there isn't much to smile about.

The pumps at Albany's EnMark stay busy on Tuesdays. "Tuesday's here are definitely the best, because you get seven cents off a gallon. That's pretty big savings when you are putting in premium," says Albany driver Brian Norton.

The savings are not only on premium gasoline. Unleaded is a few cents cheaper than other nearby stations. "This is really like a little bit less, but it is hard, yeah. Me personally, I feel like you have to take a bank loan out just to get gas."

Even with the tiny savings, the high prices still hurt. "My budget is mainly on gas right now, I'm trying to save money on that only." But, drive thirty-five minutes north, and gas prices at the EnMark in Cordele are 17 cents less.

"So, I drive quite a bit and I see gas priced anywhere from $2.20 a gallon, this is the lowest I've seen in the Southeast," says Ken Taran, from Amelia Island, Florida. A gallon of unleaded here is $1.64. In Albany, the average is $1.84.

"If I told you down in Cordele that gas prices are twenty cents cheaper, what is your reaction? "That's great, they need to be twenty cents cheaper here!" laughs Taran.

The hunt for cheaper gas in on, and it might be driving some to Cordele.

Just why the difference in gas prices is so dramatic from Albany to Cordele is unclear. Cordele's proximity to I-75 might be part of the reason.

Still, around the state, the cost of unleaded gasoline fluctuates greatly. In Atlanta it's $1.76, and in Savannah, $1.89.

    • Check out and report gas prices in South Georgia on the WALB Pump Patrol.

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