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County employee overpaid?

June 22, 2004

Decatur County - For almost 20 years Larry Battle has worked as an EMT in Decatur County. He says, "I've been here quite a while, so longevity speaks for something I think."

He's worked his way up to Shift Supervisor, climbing up the pay scale. "Well, I work a lot of overtime," he says. "I work 24 hour shifts and we pretty much stay short of help all the time, so I make a lot of overtime."

So much in fact, that to date this year, Battle has made more money than any county employee other than the County Administrator and the Clerk of Court. He's made $857 more than Sheriff Wiley Griffin.

Griffin says, "In his set salary, he makes more than the fire chief of Decatur County, he makes more than the E-911 Director of Decatur and Grady County."

Griffin says the reason Battle makes more is because his sister, Glenda Battle, is on the EMS board and serves as a county commissioner. "They need to follow their own policies as far as her on the EMS committee, she should be removed from the EMS committee," he says.

Battle says his time, overtime and experience with Decatur County EMS is why he makes so much, not his sister. "She's part of a board and she only has one vote and everything is done through the county is done with the board's approval," says Griffin.

The Sheriff says he doesn't have a problem with Battle making the amount of money he does, he just wants other county employees to receive similar compensation. Griffin says, "Treat fire and EMS and deputies alike. We're all out here putting our lives on the line for the public."

Tuesday night, Sheriff Griffin plans to lay it all on the line before the community at the County Commission meeting that will be held at 7 at the Courthouse Annex.

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