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Is Albany's budget to thin to cut?

June 21, 2004

Albany - City staff members say if commissioners cut the budget anymore, services will suffer. Monday, city commissioners couldn't agree on the $77,000,000 budget.

Some commissioners want higher pay raises for city employees, additional staff for the city attorney and money for a handful of other projects. There requests totaled nearly $1,000,000. But all departments have already made huge cuts, including eliminating dozens of unfilled positions. If anymore cuts are made, department heads say services such as fire protection and trash pick-up will suffer.

"We're down to the point now where are maximum and minimum manning numbers are identical. If we start lose more personnel, then we're taking a chance on things like are ISO rating and our ability to perform," said Fire Chief James Arrowood. The ISO rating determines the cost of home insurance.

Commissioners tabled a vote on the budget which must be passed by June 30th.

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